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I got this:

add_filter( 'wti_like_post_load_message', 'wti_like_post_load_message', 10, 4 );

function wti_like_post_load_message( $post_id, $like_count, $unlike_count, $msg ) {
    if ( $like_count == 1 ) {
        $msg = 'User likes this image.';
    } else if ( $like_count > 1 ) {
        $msg = 'Users already like this image.';
    return $msg;

If you go on this page : http://partykompass.de/ueberschrift-9/

then there is only the HEART and the number 1.

I need “1 person allready voted.”

If you go to this page: http://partykompass.de/zu-guter-letzt-die-ueberschrift-16/

then there is only the HEART and the number 2.

I need “2 persons allready vote.”

And now comes the tricky part. If you vote. then first it shows “thanks for voting” and if you reload the page it says “you allready voted this image”. If you want to vote again, it says “please wait 60 minutes to vote again”.

This is what I need.

I need to versions to show the visitor until he votes.

With the code above it does not work.

I need somehow to check if the user allready voted.

If not, I need the message for only 1 vote, and a message for more than 1 vote.

Or am I missing, something?

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