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Please find our input below.

1. Custom icons: We use anchor tag with all the attributes related to like/unlike activities. Within anchor tag, we use thumb image followed by a span to show the count. So you will have to use the following attributes for post id 7.

data-post_id="7" => dynamic post id
data-nonce="1574511354" => dynamic wp nonce

The span will be like this <span class="lc-7 lc">0</span>. Here like, lc refer to like thumb. For unlike thumb, they will be unlike, unlc respectively.

2. The function used to get the users list is GetWtiUserLikes. So you can refer to this and implement according to your need.

3. We are already in the process of implementing the number of users setting to show. We are currently showing the latest users first. We will add the random users functionality.