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Thanks for the quick response!

1. I’m wondering if perhaps you misunderstood what I am doing, because this does not pertain to a specific post. I have used the GetWtiLikePost(); function in my single post template to manually place the like functionality. I have hidden the default images (from your plugin) and also have disabled the native css. So the only thing displaying right now from the plugin is the like count, which is also clickable to like the post.

I have placed my own custom icon (using an icon-font) to the left of the like count. What I want to do is make that icon clickable to like the post, just like clicking on the count would do. This way the user can click either the icon or the count to like the post (just like they can do with your default images). But this isn’t for a specific post. It’s for the post of the page the user is looking at. Remember, I’m working in my single post template which applies to all posts.

2. Thank you for letting me know that function. I’ll try placing that today to see if it works as expected. If I have any issues I’ll let you know.

3. That is great news and thank you for taking my suggestion! Yes, I think it’s a good idea to have a setting that controls the loading order, especially when someone is limiting the number of avatars. If for example it is set to only display 10 avatars, it may be advantageous to have it load randomly each time. I’d give the choices of random load, latest likes first, or oldest likes first.

~ Michael