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Please read my post above first…

Regarding #1, I’ve been trying to get this to work on my own using the following code:

<a class="lbg-style-1 like-<?php the_ID(); ?> jlk" data-task="like" data-post_id="<?php the_ID(); ?>" data-nonce="<?php echo $data_nonce; ?>" rel="nofollow"><i class="lc-<?php the_ID(); ?> lc erudites-icon dashicons dashicons-thumbs-up"></i></a>

Unfortunately the problem here is the $data_nonce. No matter what I do this variable will not work, and just leaves the nonce blank. I’ve also found that with the above code if I click on my custom icon it will print a new like count on the screen (which displays right next to the native count as a duplicate). Obviously I just want clicking on the icon to increase the native count used by the plugin, and not to create another count on the screen.

I’ve checked the rest of the variables and they are all working. But at this point I am stuck.

~ Michael