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Thank you for reply.

Quick question – template “content-likes.php” is designed to shows likes of LOGGED In user only (means this user can see ONLY his likes when is logged in) ? Or to show likes of ANY User I want by going to his user page (means anybody can see likes of that user doesnt have to be logged in) ?


Regarding your reply.
Yes database is fine , there are stored likes of user I am requesting (anyway Your Widget is working perfectly on that)

The bug is in the content-likes.php template file. I double checked that and it doesnt find any user name.

I tried with :
<?php echo $author; ?>
It replies with nothing, means it doesnt catch user…

The problem is with :
$author = get_user_by('slug', get_query_var('author_name'));

I forced to show likes to only specific user and it worked fine.

maybe there is a way to get user id from link ? each user has a link like http://www.domain.com/user/XXXX
– So we can feed that data XXXX then its done.