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I understand I did not give much information, I was not sure what you needed and didn’t want to waste your time with irrelevant information. I want to order my posts by like count.

My DNS has propagated , here is my post grid page http://greatlitrpg.com/best-litrpg-book-list/

I reset the like counts and re-voted, it lead to no change in the post order. The button actually said, “Reset All Counts”. Looked all over for, “Update Like Meta” but did not find it.

I am using the “Post Grid” plugin that comes with “the7” theme. In the plugin setting I have it “order by” – meta value number and “meta key” – _wti_like_count

I am not sure how to add a query but I can manage to add some code to my files via FTP if you have explicit instructions

Again, thanks for your time. I would be happy to send a great review if we can get this to work. It has been a thorn in my sides for awhile.