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  • in reply to: Add new post error #168

    Fixed in the version sent by email – thanks!

    in reply to: Widget errors #167

    Yes that’s done the job nicely – thanks!

    in reply to: Widget errors #160

    Update: the same errors are displayed on the front end when the values are unset.

    Notice: Undefined index: show_excerpt in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 238
    Notice: Undefined index: show_thumbnail in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 239
    Notice: Undefined index: show_categories in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 240
    Notice: Undefined index: show_tags in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 241
    Notice: Undefined index: show_author in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 242
    Notice: Undefined variable: hour in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post.php on line 776
    Notice: Undefined variable: day in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post.php on line 777
    Notice: Undefined variable: year in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post.php on line 777

    in reply to: Add new post error #158

    Could I get a hold of this updated file also? I’m seeing the same error on new post and when saving a menu in /wp-admin/nav-menus.php

    Will the fix be rolled out as an update?

    in reply to: Override output of GetWtiLikePost #157

    Gotcha ok.

    On the off chance this helps someone else, here are some utility methods for dealing with buttons/counts (based on ripping apart GetWtiLikePost). Just stick them in functions.php

    They all take an optional post_id as an argument so can be used outside the loop. Additionally they check for the existence of plugin methods (using ff_is_like_enabled), so disabling the ‘like’ plugin doesn’t break the theme.

    The method names follow general wordpress convention:
    ff_XX = echo XX
    ff_get_XX = return XX as string

    Wherever you place the tally number has to have the class ‘lc lc-{{post_id}}’ – e.g.
    $id = $post->ID;
    $num_likes = ff_get_like_count($id);
    printf(‘<span class=”tally-value lc lc-%d”>%d</span>’, $id, $num_likes);

    That way you don’t need to mess with the default plugin javascript and all the ajax stuff works.

    in reply to: Pass the post id #154

    It’s a quick change to make this happen. Might be worth rolling into the core?


    line 7: // pass post ID
    function GetWtiLikePost($arg = null, $post_id=NULL)

    Line 9: // use loop ID if post ID not specified
    if($post_id == NULL) $post_id = get_the_ID();

    Line 33: // get categories for post ID
    $category = get_the_category($post_id);

    You can then call:

    GetWtiLikePost(NULL, $post->ID); // echo the output
    GetWtiLikePost(‘put’, $post->ID); // return the output string instead of echo

    GetWtiLikePost(); // will do what it did before the mods

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    in reply to: Different version number displayed on settings page #152

    update: had to uninstall (delete settings) and then it displayed correctly.

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