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    Is there a supported way to override the output of GetWtiLikePost? My theme has some particular markup requirements and I need to be able to separate the like/unlike buttons from the values (among other things). Is there a built-in way to tweak the output or do I need to write my own method?


    There is a setting to disable the automatic loading of the like/unlike buttons. Then you can define your own function to have the desired output as per your requirement.


    Gotcha ok.

    On the off chance this helps someone else, here are some utility methods for dealing with buttons/counts (based on ripping apart GetWtiLikePost). Just stick them in functions.php


    They all take an optional post_id as an argument so can be used outside the loop. Additionally they check for the existence of plugin methods (using ff_is_like_enabled), so disabling the ‘like’ plugin doesn’t break the theme.

    The method names follow general wordpress convention:
    ff_XX = echo XX
    ff_get_XX = return XX as string

    Wherever you place the tally number has to have the class ‘lc lc-{{post_id}}’ – e.g.
    $id = $post->ID;
    $num_likes = ff_get_like_count($id);
    printf(‘<span class=”tally-value lc lc-%d”>%d</span>’, $id, $num_likes);

    That way you don’t need to mess with the default plugin javascript and all the ajax stuff works.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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