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    Running WP3.9.1 and the Pro version 2.1

    Both widgets are covered in warnings about undefined indexes.
    Undefined index: counts_based_on in …\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 85

    This applies to every value on the widget. I tried saving the form, which clears the notices, however if you untick a checkbox (e.g. show thumbnail) then the warning comes back.

    Is there a fix for this or an updated widget?



    Update: the same errors are displayed on the front end when the values are unset.

    Notice: Undefined index: show_excerpt in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 238
    Notice: Undefined index: show_thumbnail in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 239
    Notice: Undefined index: show_categories in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 240
    Notice: Undefined index: show_tags in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 241
    Notice: Undefined index: show_author in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post_widgets.php on line 242
    Notice: Undefined variable: hour in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post.php on line 776
    Notice: Undefined variable: day in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post.php on line 777
    Notice: Undefined variable: year in …\\plugins\wti-like-post\wti_like_post.php on line 777



    We have sent an updated package. Please use that instead and let us know if you still face any issues.



    Yes that’s done the job nicely – thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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