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Page Templates

There are 2 template files inside templates folder within this plugin. You need to move them inside your active theme’s directory. These two templates are based upon twenty twelve theme and may not match exactly with your site’s theme. In such a case, you will have to modify them as per your theme.

Most Liked Posts Template:

You can use the short code to show the most liked posts on a page which will show the listing in a tabular format. But it’s always good to have the listing matching with your site’s blog layout. No worries, you can use the most-liked-posts.php available within the plugin. Just move this file to your current theme’s folder. Now when you create/edit a page for showing the most liked posts, you will see this as an option in the Page Template dropdown. You will have to change the template structure a little bit to match with your site’s layout.

Author Liked Posts Template:

You will also get a template file content-likes.php which can be used to show the posts liked by the author whose details you are currently viewing. This works with the standard author page. So you just need to load this template file within author.php file by using the following code

<?php get_template_part( ‘content’, ‘likes’ ); ?>

That’s it, now you will see all the posts liked by the author.

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